Androgynous, small, writes too many songs about breakups

SATSUKI picked up the guitar at 15 and started writings songs; mostly about young love, loss of friendship and being burdened with high school problems. Her style hasn’t strayed far since then with her writing always focussed on relationships, intimacy and honesty - sometimes a little too much honesty. Inspired by punk lyrics and pop-rock melodies, SATSUKI tries to make sense of her experiences at the time, resulting in a neatly wrapped package of emotions.

SATSUKI released her first single “Afterglow” after a year and a half of writer’s block. A moody, crying-in-the-club electro bop. Her second single, “Roseville Girls” completely changed genre from an electronic vibe to more of a fast paced pop-punk song.

“Sister Song” is the new single by SATSUKI, a song about dealing with disappointment and uncertainty; combining elements of shoegaze and ambient with a clean, electro pop coating.

In January of 2018, SATSUKI moved from Sydney, Australia to Osaka, Japan to continue her music career and has since performed at “Megaport Festival” in Taiwan as well as various venues and events across Japan. She was awarded a busking license through the “MUSIC BUSKER IN UMEKITA” project supported by Grand Front Osaka and radio station FM802 which allows her to busk outside the Grand Front Osaka area.

Label: self-released

Genre: pop, electronic, rock

Influences: Syd Tha Kyd, Foals, ALPINE, Bon Iver, Selena Gomez

Sounds like: Sampha, Flume, Metronomy, Paramore



Sats_ 2.jpg


Released 2019

‘Sister Song’ floats through a touching cloud of recollection and searching, before a shoe-gaze climax pops the bubble. The song deals with the disappointment and frustrations of life while finding comfort in someone you can always rely on,

Roseville girls

Released 2018

'Roseville Girls' is inspired by the intricacies of math-rock and the anger of punk; a hard-hitting, overemotional track that constantly switches between sarcasm and heartache.


Released 2017

‘Afterglow’ is the first single released as a solo artist and comes after a year and a half of writer’s block. The song is a pop-electro track about ego, high expectations and how nostalgia seems to skew reality. If you’re looking for the perfect ‘crying at the club’ song, you’ve come to the right place.

"Roseville Girls, the raw and charming new track from Osaka-based artist Satsuki, leaves you no choice but to sit up and pay attention."

- Happy Mag, 2018


"Sultry vocals over Metronomy x Flume-esque production. If all your break ups mean you make songs like this, then I endorse your heartbreak"

- Pip Rasmussen about "Afterglow", Triple J Unearthed Super User